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Kurt Florman
Owner, Executive Editor


In a Nutshell...

", reliable, detailed, methodical and accuratehis proofreading and editing skills are second to none..." Kurt Florman: 928-910-9322, or

The Whole Nine Yards... is owned and operated by Kurt Florman. He has the experience and background to quickly and accurately guide your document to perfection.

Operating out of his homes near Phoenix and Prescott, Arizona, Kurt is available virtually every dayincluding weekendsto satisfy your critical needs.

For contact information to reach Kurt by mail, e-mail, phone, or fax, go to Reach Us.


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Endorsements (Selected)

"Kurt Florman is the editor all writers dream about finding for their novels. Not only does he have an eagle eye for detail and mistakes, but he also sensitively nurtures you as a writer and encourages your creativity. Without Kurt, I doubt my novel would have been 'birthed' into its published life. He is an outstanding editor, and I'll always be grateful to him."
      Wendy J. Dunn, Author and Columnist

"Kurt is the best proofreader we’ve ever used. His diligence and detail are unrivalled in our experience. We’ve used him for our catalog production, web site reviews, and sales letters."
     Mike Faith, President and CEO, 

“We use Kurt’s services to proof and edit everything we send out to customers or publish online. Kurt is fast, reliable, detailed, methodical and accuratehis proofreading and editing skills are second to none that we’ve found and an essential element of our workflow. The quality of work he produces and the speed at which he can produce it are excellent.”
     Shaun Masterman, Technical Services Manager,


Background and Experience (Selected)

Metropolis Ink, Book publisher, USA/Australia
Dozens of fiction and nonfiction manuscripts proofread and edited, including the following published titles:

        Hey! Who's Having This Baby Anyway?
        God Makes Sex Great!
        How to Promote Your Home Business
        Recipe for the World's Greatest Kids
        Oh My God! Are You Talking to Me?

Historical fiction
Dear Heart, How Like You This?
        The Rose of York: Love & War

Science fiction:
Tritcheon Hash
        The Day of the Nefilim

Military thrillers
        Reap the Whirlwind 
        The Logan Factor
        Blood Covenant
        Rogue State
        Point of Honor

General fiction:
The Hamilton Conspiracy
        Laylek's Song
        The Reckoning
        Fields of Fire
        The Climbing Boy
        A Change of Heart

A Man's Guide to Pregnancy
        Journo's Diary

Tales from the Wrecktory
          Diary of a Curtain Twitcher
        Cold Logic

Shear Magic/Jeanie in a Bottle
        Time Suspended
        Heaven on Earth
Sex, Death, and Other...

Proofreader/Copy editor
Foothills Sentinel
Canyon Country News
Sonoran News
Weekly newspapers

Take Your Place in History
Personal journaling aid

Dear Senator
Providing ready access to elected officials

Affirmative, But No Action
Textbook on minority law

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Customers (Selected)

Association of Industrial Relations
Taipei, Taiwan
Government agency newsletter

Digital Knights Electronics, Inc.
Aliso Viejo, Calif.
Catalog and brochure
San Francisco, Calif.
Website and catalog
Los Angeles, Calif.
Classical literature college synopses

Metropolis Ink
U.S.A. / Australia
Book publisher: Fiction & nonfiction

Woodbridge, Virginia
Advertising and news releases

Mindjet, LLC
Sausalito, Calif.
Software on-line help catalog

Petroleum Trends International
Metuchen, New Jersey
Newsletter proofreading and copyediting

Rogers Corporation
Rogers, Conn.
Corporate report

College Students
Essays, Dissertations, Résumés


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